Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Letter Stamps

A short entry for the mid-week.

Today, I got my hands on some letter stamps. I have purchased enough mass-produced, assembly-required furniture in my day to have seen pieces labeled with letters or numbers so that the little people in the poorly-written assembly instruction booklet can show me which one of the many planks in the box serves as the bottom of my bookcase. In this case, however, I was really excited to me making the label letters myself. It's the little things, right?

Naturally, the shop is equipped with a fancy set of metal letter and number stamps. Now that I am taking part in building many things at once and knowing that each of those 'things' has a growing number of pieces every day, it is only logical to keep track of the parts of the wholes.

In this case, I was labeling the side of a portion of the Zelli Bar. The top surface of the bar has had five pieces so far and that number will only grow. It is essential that we know which sides fit with others so that no mistakes are made when cutting and gluing. Side "B" fits perfectly into one of the lengths of the bar so, to ensure we never have to wonder which side it is, I took a hammer to one of the stamps and, thus, we have a "B". And, now that I have played with letter stamps, don't be surprised to find a poem stamped out into a piece of wood some day in the future. It's like working with a typewriter that prints into wood which is, well, awesome.

Look out for an update tomorrow about making bones, the Zelli Bar, and/or a lovely coffee table soon to be on it's way to Chile!


  1. How about the letter Z? Larissa, I am loving your posts!!!!

    1. I'll have to find a way to slip a "Z" stamp somewhere in the seams! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. There are plenty more to come!