Thursday, April 11, 2013

Class Prep

Another Practical Woodworking course starts at the shop bright and early on Monday morning!

As we anticipated the arrival of our eager students, the usual preparations were made. As you know, we are a fully-functioning, furniture-producing shop for the weeks that we aren't holding classes. Because of that, as much as we might like it to be so, getting the shop ready for the class isn't exactly a breeze.

The shop usually looks something like what is pictured to the left. Because there are at least three of us working on whatever project is at hand that week, the tools and materials we need are out and tidiness isn't our first priority. Naturally, when we welcome our new batch of students for each class, we want them to experience the course in the cleanest, most organized environment possible. Therefore, this week (like all weeks just before a class), we have been on a mission to work on our project(s) whilst cleaning the shop from floor to ceiling.

And, now, the shop looks like this! It always impresses me how lovely it looks after some thorough cleaning.

The class doesn't just require putting away tools, storing current projects, and de-sawdusting a massive space; It requires a lot of heavy lifting. After a lumber delivery, we sort the boards for the upcoming classes. Given that each class is 11 people, we ultimately sort and stack 33 8' white oak boards on shelves high on the shop walls. Yesterday, we took those boards down from their high shelves and packaged them in sets of three. So, future students, know that careful consideration was taken when choosing and sorting your boards before class day one!
After the board are chosen, sorted, and packaged, they were moved to the back of the room to await their new, happy owners.

Now, the shop is clean, the tools are in their homes, the boards are packaged and stacked, and the 'classroom' is assembled. We are ready for another class to come and share a wonderful six days with us at the shop!

Day one will be a lot of information delivery so I hope students are eager and ready to learn. I am excited to meet the new group and be able to help them through the course.

 To all past, current, and future students, know that we are grateful and always excited to meet, talk, and learn with you during the courses! To the rest, have a great weekend!

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