Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New 2017 Practical Woodworking Course Dates Have Arrived!

To our alumni as well as our future students, a huge thank you is in order as we have officially SOLD OUT of all of our woodworking courses in 2016 already! It's only July, guys. What?! You guys are truly awesome.

As we typically don't publish course dates for the following year until September, we had no choice but to appease the masses and post them early this year. If you are a reader who has been thinking of coming to hang out in Schwenksville, PA for a week to learn all-things-woodworking with us, you'll get the first look at our course calendar for 2017. If you're already a JD Lohr School of Woodworking alumni, pass along the good word that 2017 is THE year to come learn all the awesome stuff you learned here with us in the past. We really do work hard to deliver an informational, hands-on, practical, safe, and super fun course for anyone interested in the craft.

For those of you who have completed Practical Woodworking and are eagerly awaiting the 2017 dates for Advanced Joinery and Veneer & Cabinetwork, just hang tight. We will be posting those dates in the near future but you'll be alerted via email a week prior so you can plan accordingly.

Seriously though, thank you to the wonderful world of woodworkers who has made our school and courses so amazingly fun, rewarding, and successful. We love teaching others the skills and knowledge we use every day to make our furniture.

P.S. Blog post about a standing desk project in-progress will be coming next week!