Monday, April 15, 2013

Practical Woodworking Begins Again

We find ourselves at the close of another first day of Practical Woodworking. Today, we had the pleasure of meeting and spending the day with eleven new and eager past, present, and aspiring woodworkers.

As per usual, the first day was a huge dose of information. Jeff delivered another riveting and informative morning lecture on trees; beginning with the seeds and ending with how they end up dried, cut, and on our tables as rough boards.

These students, although they may not know yet, are lucky ones because they are the first to enjoy our new, cushioned, rolling seats/stools! I like to think of this as learning in luxury.

The afternoon progressed into a walk-through of how to cut, joint, plane, and glue up the legs of their future tables. After a day of demos and lectures, the students were finally awarded their benches and sets of rough boards. From this moment, they will be taking nothing but steps toward a handcrafted hall table and a new and useful set of skills to take home with them.

And, possibly my favorite part of today's morning tour of the house/showroom, was watching these cuties chirp and climb all over one another. The chicks arrived yesterday and are currently living in the safety of a warmed, lit box in the house. I plan on visiting the feathered creatures as often as I will be allowed to.

Look out for more updates on this weeks class! Until then, enjoy your Monday and, if you're like me, patiently await the sunshine and 70s that are predicted to flood Pennsylvania tomorrow.

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