Friday, March 29, 2013

Zelli Bar Progress - Sanding/Layout

We have successfully completed a second day of work on the Zelli Bar and, believe it or not, it's already looking like a bar!

Yesterday was a day of glue-ups and sanding at the shop. Because nature doesn't always hand you exactly what you want, adjustments must be made sometimes. In this case, the planned width of the bar top is longer than the width of the walnut slabs that this particular tree provided. How to fix such an issue? Glue!

Given the wider walnut slab (to the left in this photo), we needed to find a narrower walnut slab to glue to it to create the additional width. A very careful selection process was carried out by Jeff to find a narrow walnut live edge that matched the grain of the original slab.

In the photo, you can see, we jointed the edges of both slabs and left their outer edges as nature created them so the Zelli's can enjoy a bar with live edges on both sides. The pieces were attached with biscuits and glue. After creating 12 unique cauls to fit each part of the curvy outer edge, we were able to hold the boards together without damaging the live edge with the clamps.

After the glue dried, we laid out the big slabs to get idea of what the bar top will look like. See what I mean about it already looking like a bar? Exciting!

So far, the surfaces of the slabs were run through the planer and belt sanded so they are nice and flat. The grain can really be seen now and it's beautiful is as it curves and swoops throughout. I am particularly a fan of the subtle humps created by the live edge toward the corner of the top.

As you can see here, the corner of the bar has to be custom fitted. I created a rough layout from cardboard so we could see what the corner piece will be cut to look like.

To keep in accordance with the curves and humps of the live edge, we have decided to make the corner of the bar curved as well it creates a natural flow from the straightaway pieces to the corner. The walnut slab that will be used for the corner has been carefully selected as well to ensure the grain flows nicely. And, if I am not mistaken, work on that piece may even start today.

An ongoing discussion of which drink is the most fitting to enjoy at a live edge walnut bar has begun at the shop. We're having a hard time making one decision. Perhaps it will come to us as the bar begin to takes form. Any thoughts, readers?

So, now, we jump into Friday. As we work hard, get our hands dirty, and make functional, beautiful wood furniture pieces, Joie takes a nap. I'd like to think she is subtly reminding us that it's almost the weekend but, in reality, I think she is tired from chasing the chickens.

From those of us at the shop, and a lazy Joie, I wish you all a wonderful Friday and upcoming weekend. For those of you in the north east, I hope you plan to enjoy the 60 degrees and (mostly) sun as much as I do!

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