Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preparing for Another Course

Saturday wrapped another fine Practical Woodworking class. The Victors, Scott, Don, Esther, Andrew, Suzi, Jim, Sam, Ashley, and Dave should be proud of themselves for all that they learned and accomplished in just six days! I hope they sit back and admire their new hall tables with a smile remembering that that piece of furniture was merely a stack of three rough boards just 9 days ago. It's not surprise to me that the classmates made friends, carried such a pleasant attitude, and showed immense drive and creativity over the course of the week!

Since Saturday, we have been hard at work getting a jump on the next class that will fill the shop. Our advanced class is offered to Practical Woodworking alumni and the next one will start in just two weeks. What have I learned this week at the shop? Preparing for the start of the advanced class is no piece of cake.

Since yesterday morning, Rob and I have been pulling down rough lumber and beginning to set the stage for the advanced student's projects. Because this particular project requires a lot more time and special attention to detail, we take the liberty of milling a lot of the main parts that compose the piece.

These projects are composed of walnut, cherry, and poplar pieces. Early yesterday morning, all of the nicely shaped pieces you see to the right were just parts of long, rough boards. Needless to say, the table saw, jointer, planer, and I have become quite good friends (with only a hint of mutual frustration at times). We now have the start of 10 table tops, 40 legs, and 30 side/back boards as well as 30 drawer sides and then some.

With only a few moments left in the work day, it's nice to see the piles of milled wood and thus the fruits of our labors. I must admit though, I will be happiest to see them put together by students as we learn together how to do all the intricate and beautiful details that are found in so many Lohr Furniture originals! (I think I am most excited about buttons... or breadboard ends... or drawer-making... oh, who am I kidding, I can't decide, I want to learn it all.)

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