Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's hot outside, let's make a bar!

Here is another update on the progress of the Zelli Bar because, let's be honest, on a humid, hot day like today, wouldn't you prefer to think about the means to make a frosty, cold drink?

The bar has seen it's first brush with glue (pun absolutely intended)! We all know that things get serious when there is glue involved. The inner shelving and sides of the bar has been glued into their fitted homes in the form of previously planned and sawed plow cuts. And that means a huge step forward has been made.

When the carcass of the inner/under bar area was dried into place, we attached the framework that Rob built to fit across the edges of that carcass. We attached the framework using biscuits. We had previously cut biscuit holes along the edges of the carcass and along the inside faces of the framework. With a three-man (and woman) team, we got glue in all the holes and along all the edges and went clamp crazy. In order for this framework to dry flush against all the edges of the plywood, we needed a variety and surplus of clamps.

The best part of this clamping adventure was the fact that I took the liberty of naming these clamps "horseshoe clamps" when no one could provide a name for these clamps I had never seen before. Upon further research, I am able to tell you definitively that they are actually "edge clamps" and horseshoe clamps are a very different situation; I have added another word to my internal woodworking dictionary. I will admit, however, that I will likely continue to refer to them as horseshoe clamps because it reminds me of that moment of pride when I thought I had nicknamed my first woodworking tool. Regardless, we needed the edge clamps to hold the inner rail frames against their edges so these little guys came in handy.

Eventually, the glue dried and we could dismantle a slue of clamps, wedges, and cauls to put together the pieces to take a gander at this beauty! It's the moments when the glue dries and you can semi-assemble a piece that you sigh in relief that it's actually beginning to look like the thing in your plans (and mind). Needless to say, the bar is beginning to look like a bar and the sigh of relief has come and passed as we continue to work diligently towards it's completion.
Meanwhile, in the back of the shop, the live edge walnut bar top pieces have been coated in finish and are moving quickly toward their completion as well. The boiled linseed oil and waterlox gym finish combination has yet to be anything less than impressive.

As I write, Rob and Jeff are hard at work on the inner workings and details of the base of the bar. Jeff is re-sawing live edge walnut pieces to add detail, contrast, and figure along the faces of the bar's base. Rob is making the finer, handy details of the shelving like towel rods and doors under the sink. I am waiting for my adjustable shelves glue up to dry so I can cut them to size and add them to the mix.

Zelli Bar, you 'll be on your way to your home soon enough!

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