Friday, January 10, 2014

Live Edge Tables Begin their Journey Overseas!

As the snow fell down this morning in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, we bid farewell to the three live edge tables as they start their journey overseas to their new home at the Vik Hotels in Chile and Uruguay.

The Handcrafted Delivery truck made it's way up the long driveway to the shop bright and early this morning. We were lucky to be sent Mike and Mike, the masters of packing and moving, to carefully prepare our tables for their trip. Handcrafted Delivery will take them on the first leg to Connecticut. In Connecticut, they will be loaded in a container to head over to the South American hotels.

We admired the work of Mike and Mike as they wrapped layer upon layer of protective covering around the tables. Plastic then cardboard was used as the first layer to protect the fragile and curvy nature of the live edges. Then blankets were wrapped around every inch of each table and held securely with large quantities of packing tape.

It's quite a relief to know that any concerns we may have had about safely shipping these one-of-a-kind pieces such a long distance is a concern we need not have. Watching these two guys at work made us nothing short of confident that the tables will travel and arrive safely at their next destination. A huge thank you to Handcrafted Delivery and the fine employees they have in Mike and Mike!

We wish the tables a safe adventure as they make their way overseas. And, we are hopeful and confident that upon their arrival, Vik Hotels and their visitors will admire and appreciate the pieces for years to come!

Keep your eye out for a blog post early next week sharing the photographs Eoin took of the finished tables last week. Be ready for some phenomenal images of the tables and their intricate details. I am eager to share them with you, readers!

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