Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tool of the Day

Greetings from another frigid Saturday in the hills of Pennsylvania. Today, my chronicles adopt a new tradition in the form of a "Tool of the Day" updaes. As I slowly learn the ins, outs, and upside downs of the shop, it's only natural that I come across obscure devices. When I learn about one of the many obscure devices (known to the common man as 'tools'), I will write about it. So, let's learn together about scorps!

Whilst scanning the shop for a foreign tool to inquire about, I was faced with quite a few options. You can only imagine how many tools Jeff has amassed over the course of his 40+ years working with wood. I will admit that my ability to name tools has increased tenfold in the past few months but, when I looked at the wall of hand tools I couldn't even begin to guess what this two handled sharp contraption was called and/or what it was used for.

A dangerous version of one of those fancy eye masks on a stick that people wear to formal costume parties? Or, more logically, some sort of scraper? But, why is it shaped like that? What is it used for?

Turns out, this is a scorp. Deemed Rob's favorite tool name in the shop, it is used to carve/shave/scrape out wood for things like seats (like the bench seat pictured here). Upon further research, I have learned that they can be found in various forms, some of which are on a long handle and used for bigger surfaces that need carving, like the insides of canoes. The scorp in the shop is easily hand-held and when put to work, can do a mean job carving out a nice curved surface from a flat piece of wood.

I'll go ahead and chalk this up as another +1 for my woodworking vocab as well as the expansion of internal tool  name database.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another update on the close of our latest Practical Woodworking class as well as additional woodworking vocab, tool descriptions, and anecdotes!

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